Cassandra Carlson is a reporter for Spokane News .Biz. She previously worked for Moscow-Pullman Daily News. Cassandra's regular contributor covers emerging business trends in the greater Spokane region.

‘Contemplating moving out’: Downtown Spokane businesses tired of crime, vandalism as mayor asks for more cleanup money

SPOKANE, Wash.– Downtown Spokane business owners say cleaning up the area and making it safer can’t come soon enough. Doing so is part of Mayor Nadine Woodward’s proposed budget. She

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Spokane offers affordability to tech companies leaving Seattle

Business insiders say Spokane offers tech companies affordability, recruitment opportunities and infrastructure. Spokane has 98 information technology employers. In 2018, 500 new jobs were created in IT fields, according to

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How virtual reality is revolutionizing health care

irtual reality has come a long way. Twenty years ago, the technology cost tens of thousands of dollars and weighed 50 to 100 pounds. Today, you can find lightweight models for

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